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CCID 37th Annual Conference

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Our "Glocal" Jobs Challenge

Preparing Talent - Driving Development

The nature of job creation has changed, and community colleges today must tackle the challenges of preparing a workforce that not only responds to but also embraces the forces of globalization. The good news is that the global economy is not a zero-sum game: The more thriving local economies there are, the stronger the global economy will be which in turn creates more local opportunities. CCID's 37th Annual Conference is designed to share our collective knowledge of the role our institutions around the worldplay in driving local and global development and in ensuring our students are prepared to fully engage.

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Evaluation and Selection Criteria

Selected Papers to be Announced the week of November 26, 2012

Cancellation deadline for selected papers is January 7, 2013


What successful collaborations exist in workforce training that support globally competent graduates and employees? How are international companies or industries working with community colleges to ensure this is happening? What does the private sector need from community colleges and how can college develop international program with appropriate outcomes?

Partnerships between the Developed and Developing

Why do community colleges in advanced economies partner with institutions or training programs in emerging or developing economies? How does one justify that a “locally” focused community college should engage in this manner? What is the impact at both institutions? What are the benefits, pitfalls, and lessons learned? How do you choose an appropriate partner? What funding is available to engage in this type of partnership?

Leveraging Existing Resources and Structures to Support Internationalization

How are colleges tapping into existing resources (community and private sector partnerships, college committees, diversity in faculty/staff) to advance internationalization efforts. How are demands for globally competent employees shaping curriculum, programming, and budgets? What councils, advisory committees, or organizational structures at the community college support internationalization efforts? How does a college create a culture that recognizes the value of internationalization?

Access in the Age of Internationalization

How is access policy being defined and implemented in countries with community colleges or in those that are currently developing colleges and systems. What challenges do various cultural norms or government policies pose with respect to access? How is globalization impacting the concept of access at home and abroad? How does access impact quality in different cultural contexts? What pathways are available to community college students in various countries?

Assessment, Quality Assurance, and Accreditation in International Education

While these are extremely important topics in higher education around the world, they are often not part of the conversations on international education. It’s only a matter of time. What advancements are being made to measure the internationalization efforts at community colleges? What mechanisms are colleges using to measure success and ensure quality in international programs? While often left out of the accreditation process, how are colleges qualifying and quantifying outcomes and justifying funding for international programs?

International Recruitment Stategies and Resources

More international students are showing an interest in community colleges in order to save money and to obtain access to a bachelor’s degree and beyond. What do colleges need to know before actively recruiting international students? What strategic partnerships/consortia can aid this process? How does a college develop a strategic plan for recruitment and measure success? How do you ensure your college is prepared to be an appropriate host for international students? How do community colleges address obstacles such as housing and transportation and activities for international students?

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